Security Tight for Angels Home Opener

Angels make sure fans of both teams enjoy a safe environment

The beating of a Giants' fan at Dodger Stadium was the topic of discussion at Angels Stadium on Friday before its home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays.

"The security that we have is very deep and very intense," according to Tim Mead, Vice President, Communications Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Mead says the team wont reveal specifics, but he did say that security at Angels Stadium remains tight.

He said that the stadium has its own private company, Contemporary Service Corporation, and also contracts with the Anaheim Police Department, which has its own office at the stadium.

Inside the stadium, there are holding cells where lawbreakers are detained.  There are also several dozen security cameras in and around the stadium.

"It's safer here, I think. It's a nicer area for one, and there are more families," according to Samantha Engro, an Angels fan.

"I've been to Dodgers Stadium and I've been here and this is a way better environment," states Patrick Johnston, an Angels fan.

But Angels Stadium has had problems. Two years ago a fan died after a fight on opening day.

Angels officials say they are constantly accessing security plans, and also have a strict alcohol policy.

Like Dodger stadium, tailgating in the parking lot is allowed, but alcohol is not.

"No open containers visible, and then the police do a real good job of going around," according to Tim Mead, Vice President, Communications Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

For diehard Angels fans, a safe stadium is their favorite place to catch a game.

"We've been Angels fans for awhile, and we had a really bad experience also at Dodgers Stadium, like many other people, so coming to Angels Stadium we feel really, really safe," according to Carlos Fernandez, and Angels fan.

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