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Police Release Surveillance in Search of Suspect in Fatal Shooting of Beloved Father

The shooting occurred on Sept. 3.

A 19-year-old woman was struggling to carry on and police were asking the public for help in finding a killer after her father was shot to death in the family auto body shop.

Surveillance video was released by police in the hopes that it would lead to the shooter.

"He was the happiest man on Earth," Anayanzi Macias, the victim's daughter, said.

Anayanzi and her father Ricardo Macias-Mendoza were inseparable, always together at the Harbor City shop, including the night he was killed on Sept. 3.

Just before sunset, he grabbed his keys and told Anayanzi that he was going to close up Guero's Body Shop.

As shown in surveillance footage released by the Los Angeles Police Department, a man can be seen walking in the alley next to the shop right before a single gunshot rang out.

"I hear a loud noise," Anayanzi said. "I peeked out to the other fence to make sure it was safe."

Moments after the single gunshot, the man runs through the alley, and a car speeds away.

A 911 call revealed a witness account, saying, "It looks like his daughter is there just freaking out — because she's looking at her dad."

Anayanzi lay by her father's side as he was dying.

"I miss him, his personality, his smile — everything," Anayanzi said.

He left behind three sons and his daughter, Anayanzi.

Three months after the shooting, police leads have gone nowhere.

"That's what's puzzling and troubling about this case," Roger Reynoso, LAPD Homicide investigator, said. "There seemed to be no motive behind his shooting. He was not robbed."

His daughter cannot make sense of the shooting.

"I can't find a reason unless it was envy, you know?" Anayanzi said. "He was always so happy. Nothing got to him. My dad didn't do anything to deserve this."

At just 19 years old, Anayanzi is struggling to keep her father's shop running.

"It's really hard, coming here, not seeing him smile or greet me," Anayanzi said.

She said she has also made it her mission to find her father's killer.

"They didn't just kill my dad, they killed my whole family," Anayanzi said.

If the public has any information on the crime, they are encouraged to call LAPD Harbor Division at (310) 726-7887. 

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