Sex Dolls Fight It Out in Court

Court fight pits doll versus doll

A San Diego County jury has decided that sex dolls named Yvette and Adam are fakes. Well, actually everyone knew that.

But the jury said they were fakes ripped off from other fakes. Let's explain.

The jury ordered Matt Krivicke, the former chief operating officer of a sex doll company to pay his former employer, Abyss Creations,  $300,000 for stealing protected features for his own new company, Knighthorse LLC.   Krivicke had formed the company after he was fired from his job with Abyss in 2008.

With time on his hands, Krivicke went to work doing what he knew best. He created sex dolls Yvette and Adam, and suddenly found himself in competition with Abyss. There was a suit and a countersuit. And then Wednesday, a jury sorted it all out.

But this might not be the end of the feud. Krivicke says he may seek a new trial.  An attorney for Abyss says the company will seek an injunction to keep Yvette and Adam on the shelf.  

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