Sexually Explicit Photos Lead to Stabbing of Pregnant Woman

The brother of a six-month pregnant woman who was stabbed by the father of the baby in a fight over sexually explicit photos said he feared she or the baby were going to die.

"I thought I was going to lose my sister or her baby, probably," said David Rodriguez Salas, the brother of Natalie Rodriguez about the Monday confrontation in San Bernardino.

Natalie Rodriguez is recovering at a hospital after being stabbed allegedly by her ex boyfriend. The baby is fine.

It all began Monday when Natalie's ex, Daniel Vergara Flores, started posting sexually explicit pictures of her on social media, Rodriguez Salas said.

Natalie went to Vergara Flores' home demanding he take down the photos and stop making death threats against her.

When Natalie Rodriguez didn't come home, her brother drove over there.

"He was beating her up and she was already bleeding," David Rodriguez Salas said.

Vergara Flores allegedly stabbed Natalie Rodriguez in the armpit, collapsing her lung.

"I started hitting him," her brother said. "As soon as I swing at him he ducked down and he stabbed me."

David said that at one point he was able to wrestle the knife away and stab the suspect. But the suspect's sister, Stephanie Flores, said she saw what happened and claims her brother is innocent.

"They blamed it on him because she's pregnant," said Flores.

Flores said her brother was only protecting himself after being attacked by Natalie's family.

"From what we know my brother did not stab her," Stephanie Flores said.

Stephanie said she believes Natalie's brother accidentally stabbed Natalie during the confrontation.

"He stabbed my sister once and me twice," David said. "I couldn't do that. That's crazy."

After Daniel ran home, Stephanie said Natalie's family threw rocks into the windows before deputies arrived.

"My mom and my sister were angry," David Rodriguez Salas said. "How he can do that? That's his kid."

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