Shape of Shopping to Come


Finding clothes that fit your body perfectly can make shopping online distressing and discouraging. But a new website has emerged that promises to make the process a whole lot easier.

The website is It’s an online retailer based in Glendale and its basic premise is that size doesn’t matter, measurements do.

Company President Mercedes De Luca says the idea isn’t to make custom clothes but to match customers with clothes already available that will fit perfectly. Think of it as a matchmaker for clothes.

When you log onto the site an interactive tailor takes all your measurements and your preferences, then shows you clothes that will fit and flatter.

“First time I ordered from them I opened the box and I had ordered a couple of outfits and I put them on and everything fit,” customer Susan Katz said.

If you don’t really want to know what size you’re ordering the site offers a “sizeless” option in your preferences.

“They see the size and they think oh, I don’t want to be that size, or if they’re in a dressing room they have to drag in three sizes to bracket the 12 with the 10 and the 14. Nobody likes that,” says De Luca.

De Luca says the customers won’t see what size clothes they’re buying even though the site recommends the right size for them based on their measurements and the manufacturers’ designs.

”When they get it home, it’s their first opportunity to peek at it. Usually they try it on. It fits and they keep it and cut the tag out, if they want,” De Luca added.

It’s ingenious, because we all know which brands fit us and offers suggestions for new or different brands that you might never have considered before.

And instead of being labeled as apple-shaped or pear-shaped, the site labels you with a letter designation so you don’t have to feel like a piece of fruit.

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