9-Year-Old Helps More Than 5,000 Homeless

9-year-old Symond Boschetto founded Share Hope USA in 2015 to help the homeless.

Nine-year-old Symond Boschetto founded Share Hope USA with his family in 2015, which has fed, clothed, and assisted over 5,300 homeless people.

"It makes me feel good and happy to be able to help the homeless. I do it because they don't have a roof and I do," said Symond in an interview.

Symond started the Downey organization after he saw a homeless man asking for money on the side of the freeway. He immediately wanted to start a website to organize events and ask for donations to aid the homeless. His dad helped create the website Share Hope USA with the mission statement: "Their reason for being homeless is irrelevant, their need for our compassion isn't."

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His parents, Russell and Yesenia Boschetto, say he's a normal kid who likes sports and videogames, and dislikes chores and homework, but when it comes to Share Hope, Symond is very "driven" and "focused" for someone his age.

The boy has taken initiative on many charitable events. For example, he organized a Play-Doh drive for the Children's Hospital at his school, where classes competed against one another for the grand prize of a pizza party. He said his classmates were very excited to participate and often come along with him to Share Hope events.

Symond comes up with ideas and his parents encourage and assist him.


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"His mom and I are the wheels and he's the fire engines," Russell said.

His father says Symond frequently wears his Share Hope USA shirts to help recruit others and encourage friends and family to help out.

There will be an art show and food drive at the Dave Frey Gallery on Sunday, August 14 from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

There is also a benefit concert and food drive at Historical Monument 157 in Lincoln Heights on September 10 and 11 from noon to midnight. Both events are sponsored by Homework Studio LA.

Anyone who wishes to help or donate can visit the Share Hope USA site.

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