Rescued by SoCal Pastor, Shark Bite Victim Dies

The German tourist was snorkeling last week when the pastor rushed to save her

A 20-year-old woman who lost her arm in a shark attack in Hawaii before an Irvine, Calif. pastor rescued her has died, officials said Wednesday.

Jana Lutteropp, 20, of Germany, was swimming off of the coast of Maui last week when a shark attacked her and tore off her right arm. The shark was not found.

Rick Moore, a 57-year-old pastor and physical education teacher in Laguna Niguel, was vacationing at the beach at the time. He immediately put on his fins and swam out to rescue her and performed CPR until help arrived.

Moore described the gruesome scene -- the blood in the water and the young woman's grievous injury.

As he swam her to shore, she told him, "I'm dying. I'm going to die."

She initially appeared to be making progress, according to Maui Memorial Medical Center.

About a week before Lutteropp was attacked, a shark attacked Cerritos, Calif. resident Evonne Cashman.

Cashman survived, and she spoke to NBC4 on Wednesday.

"I feel very blessed that I was not injured worse than I was," Cashman said. "My prayers and heart go out to (Lutteropp's) family and friends. It’s scary, not knowing what could have happened, I don’t know why God is not done with me yet. I hope and pray for her family. It is a difficult thing."

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