Shark Victim Remembered With Paddle-Out

Family and Friends Paddle on Surfboards into the Pacific Ocean to Scatter Flowers in Honor of 19-Year-Old Lucas Ransom Who was Killed in a Shark Attack Last Week

Lucas Ransom, the 19-year-old UC Santa Barbara student who was killed in a shark attack last week, was remembered Thursday in two special ways.

First a traditional memorial service was held at Evans-Brown Mortuary, 27010 Encanto Drive in Sun City, just south of the family's home in Romoland in Riverside County, L.A. Now reported.

Then in the afternoon friends and family gathered on the south side of Oceanside Pier in Oceanside, and paddled out on surfboards into the Pacific Ocean, where they scattered flowers in order to honor Ransom, L.A. Now reported.

"I can't explain the feeling out there. It's one of a kind when you're out there riding the waves. It's going to be pretty meaningful for all of us," says Travis Ransom, Lucas' brother.

Witnesses say Ransom never saw the shark surface as he surfed near Vandenberg Air Force Base. Never knew he was the target of what experts belive was a Great White. One large enough to take a foot long bite from his body board.

"After everything that's happened I think maybe some people might be afraid to go back in, or some people are terrified about what might happen in the ocean, but the ocean was where Luke loved to be," according to Emily Xiao, Lucas' friend.

On Thursday they talked about a life taken far too young. About a teenager whose dream to be a pharmacist was never realized, and about how this day was one Lucas Ransom would more than understand.

"He would look down on us from heaven and he would say, 'yeah, I'm on surf line. This is awesome.' He really would love it," says Chelsea Klinger, Lucas' friend.

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