Shipping Company Delivers to Philippines for Free

As U.S. aid ships head to the storm-devastated regions of the Philippines, one popular shipping company has now teamed up with the Red Cross to make it easier for families to send supplies there.

LBC cargo and carrier service will waive the shipping fee for any supplies going to the island nation through the end of November, according to the vice president of operations in North America.

"Right now, we're doing free shipments. Any citizen who wants to send donations to the grief stricken area, you can just drop off boxes at any of our LBC branches," said Michael Salomon from LBC's warehouse in Gardena.

"The most sought after right now are clothing, toiletries, blankets socks, and canned goods," he said.

Dozens of people headed to the LBC store on Main St. in Carson, including Arthur and Angie Esmiller, who over the weekend learned they lost ten members of their family in Typhoon Haiyan.

"His brother's wife, and the children and the grandchildren," said Angie Esmiller. "They all passed away."

Only two of her husband's brother's family made it out alive, she said, holding back tears.

LBC will accept donations at any of its LBC stores.

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