Shivers: It's Friday the 13th

Venture into the old zoo at Griffith Park for the classic horror flick.

Whatever your deep, personal feelings are about Friday the 13th, there is one fact that can't be quibbled with: There is only one in 2016.

It didn't arrive in chilly, dark-afternoon'd January, and it won't show up in spooky October, which is kind of what Friday the 13th would be if Friday the 13th was a month.

You guessed it: The merry, flowery, sunshiny month of May is where the lore-filled, superstition-packed, slightly creepy day is making its single entry for the year.

So how to October-up this spritely, light-of-heart Friday the 13th?

Take heart that Los Angeles is already revving up its Halloween-oriented engines, with the recent auditions for "The Walking Dead" attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood, and tickets on sale for the two mondo/macabre Halloween conventions this summer (Midsummer Scream and ScareLA, eek).

But as for the date itself? There are terrifying to-dos, like...

The Great Horror Campout's movie night on Friday, May 13, and the date and the screening's location -- the Old Zoo at Griffith Park -- should clue you into what the film will be. (Hint: It's "Friday the 13th," but perhaps the group's very name, what with the "campout" part, gave that away.)


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If you're into that Camp Crystal Lake feel, but without the whole heading into the outdoors, L'Affaire Musicale & Ouija Entertainment are concocting a "Friday the 13th" treat at the Lyric Theatre on La Brea Avenue. Oh yeah: "Camp Attire Suggested."

Hmm. Rarely has a dress code seemed so dastardly.

And if you wend your way to San Jose on this Friday the 13th, or any Friday the 13th, you likely know what's afoot: an evening flashlight tour through the Winchester Mystery House. It's tradition, with a historic and atmospheric twist.

However you spend this fine May Friday, whether on the watch for superstitious doings or happily traipsing along, ponder this: 2017 will have two Friday the 13ths, and, indeed, one will happen in that most Friday-the-13th-ish of months, October.

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