Shoes Too Good for the NBA

Two USC Grads Invent a New Type of Basketball Shoe, so Good, They've Been Banned by the NBA, Who Claims the Shoes Give the Wearer an Unfair Advantage

Could a rejection by the NBA be a good thing? Well, for Adam and Ryan Goldston it is.

"Once this happened that's when everything really exploded," says Ryan Goldston, shoe creator.

The 23 year old USC grads and basketball lovers, are soon to be members of the millionaire boys club. They are the creators of the "Concept One" basketball shoe.

"We had always been transfixed on jumping higher, so we always wanted to create something that can make you jump higher, instantly," according to Adam Goldston, shoe creator.

Okay, another basketball shoe on the market, no big deal, right? How about another basketball shoe on the market that the NBA says is too good for their players to wear? Big deal.

"What they said to us explicitly was this shoe provides an undue competitive advantage to whoever wears the product," according to Ryan Goldston, shoe creator.

This backhanded complement by NBA commissioner David Stern is front-loading the pockets of these two.

"We sold more yesterday and the day before then we had sold previously the past 30 days, in one single day. It's been crazy. The sale of the shoes have gone through the roof," according to Adam Goldston, shoe creator.

They've only been selling the shoes since June, but the Goldston twins have been working on the Concept One for four years.

They developed it in their dorm room at USC, and followed in their father's footsteps, so to speak.

"My dad invented the Reebok Pumps, the LA Gear lights, amongst many other ones," according to Adam Goldston, shoe creator.

So, what is it about these kicks that makes them, make you soar?

"You can basically think of it like a diving board. When you're walking on a diving board, nothing happens. When you get to the edge, and you compress all of your energy, it propels you upwards, and that's what our technology does," according to Ryan Goldston, shoe creator.

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