Shuttle and Cab Dispatchers Know Best

Dispatchers at shuttle companies offer the best routes for their drivers for Carmageddon weekend

No one knows how to get around town in a hurry better than shuttle and taxi dispatchers, who guide cars and vans for a living. This holds true especially for this Carmageddon weekend.

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At the Super Shuttle nerve center, people are working around the clock this weekend. They are fully staffed for Carmageddon.

The dispatchers, not the drivers, come up with alternative routes using Google maps,, GPS and information straight from the California Highway Patrol.

"Coming out to the West Valley, we're using PCH and Topanga Canyon," said Super Shuttle dispatcher Raveena Dayal. "Coming in and out of the Valley, we're using the 5 and the 110. The 110 is pretty much the main freeway to be used."

And, taxi drivers really know the roads. United Taxi driver Robert Adjinian said he's going to rely on his experience and onboard computer.

"The main routes, the Laurel Canyon, the Coldwater, the Beverly Glen, they're going to be parking lots," said Adjinian. "That's for sure. The best way to go is somehow alternately through downtown LA."

Once in downtown, he suggests going on the 110 to the 105 west. But, if you want to avoid the 110, take Alameda Street from downtown. It's a straight shot to the 105 freeway.

And, if all else fails?

"Try to follow a taxi cab. He might know the alternate route," said Adjinian.

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