A Silver Lake Glee Club Finds Harmony and Own Identity

The Silver Lake Chorus turns heads and one


What happens when you love to sing, you've graduated from your high school glee club and you live in a highly musical area? Well, if you are Samanta Rader, you make a flyer, rent a church and warm up your vocals.

Rader, a clinical psychologist and Silver Lake resident, decided to start a "Glee Club" of her own a year ago when her search to satisfy her own musical itch came up empty. The Silver Lake Chorus is now the toast of the town and in the process of creating their debut record.

According to the group's website, the members of TSLC are a talented, snowflake-like array of warmhearted go-getter/songsters. Their likes include: existence, sandwiches, inappropriate nicknames, Tecate, diminished chords, sharing feelings while sitting in a circle, and YOU. They really like you.

KPCC's interviewed the group leader Rader and discussed the melting pot of the nearly two-dozen members that make up the one-year old chorus.

"I would say the thing that unites us is a real joie de vivre. Other than that everyone comes from real disparate walks of life, they all have different careers, different aesthetics, different races ... but there's this real love of singing that unites us," Rader told KPCC.

For more information on The Silver Lake Chorus, check out their website and watch the video below produced by KPCC.

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