Business Picks Up for Silver Lake Pooper Scooper

Too busy to clean up your dog's poop? One man in Silver Lake is willing to do the dirty work for your at only a $1 a day. It's his way to clean up his neighborhood, one scoop of dog poop at a time.

Even those who love dogs often don't love picking up after them.

But as William Schindler walked his four year terrier Lincoln every day, Schindler noticed a lot of people in his Silver Lake neighborhood were not doing their doggy duty.

"I get annoyed as a dog owner and see someone hasn't cleaned up stuff from their dog. It's not that difficult," according to Schindler.

But it's gotten so bad, one neighbor put up a mock grave as a warning, 'here lies the dog who pooped here.'

But Schindler's solution is less threatening. He's now offering his services as a pooper scooper.

His website, called Poo No More, offers to scoop the poop off the front lawns in his neighborhood for one dollar a day.

There's the catch though.

You have to be on Schindler's route, a one mile stretch of Griffith Park Boulevard between Lucille and Hyperion.

Yes, it's a dirty job but Schindler says it's better than wasting one's energy being angry, and he wants to send a message to owners who don't clean up after their dogs.

"Pick up your dog poo!"

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