Sing Inside Walt Disney Concert Hall

Prepare those pipes for one of the season's sweetest all-join-ins.

People who believe they cannot sing are some vociferous protesters and no-thank-you-ers, at least when it comes to other people asking them to join in.

It's true, right? No denying it: "But I can't sing" is one of the most commonly heard phrases before an "everyone join in" song starts up.

That's hogwash, of course, and we say that as kindly as possible. Everyone can sing, and even a fully off-key, ear-pinching voice adds a little je ne sais quoi to a larger group. The largest of sing-along groups tend to be found at Walt Disney Concert Hall come December.

That's when the Los Angeles Master Chorale takes over the esteemed hall for a quartet of stirring, rhapsodic, holly-bedecked concerts. Meaning four shows, yes, though they happen over six dates in all.

The sing-along? It's Handel's "Messiah," of course, and it is scheduled to mi-mi-mi-mi on Wednesday, Dec. 11. Two more dates of non-singing-along "Messiah" will follow on Dec. 15 and 22.

A Festival of Carols and Britten's A Ceremony of Carols both fall on select dates in the first half of the month, too. Those are not sing-alongs, not, but plenty full of tidings and such.

If you do want to join "Messiah" on the 11th, note that you're asked to show with your own score or purchase one there. Easy? Yes.

Even easier? You'll be singing with "2,199 other singers," meaning if you are truly, truly one of those people who protests at being asked to sing, you're really off the hook. You can just warble your heart out, happily, and not worry about any missed notes. Enjoying the magnificence of "Messiah" is the no-stress, high-joy goal.

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