Single-Bottle Booze Banned in San Bernardino

San Bernardino is banning malt liquors and fortified wines sold in individual containers

After a long day at work some people like to indulge in a frosty, cold one, but if they want only one bottle of beer in San Bernardino they are out of luck. Now liquor cannot be sold in individual containers from a liquor store or mini mart in the city.

The San Bernardino City Council on Monday gave preliminary approval to a new ordinance taking aim at malt liquors and fortified wines sold in individual containers.

The new law is intended to prevent people from buying single bottles of beer and wine with higher alcohol content making it easier, experts say, to get drunk.

According to the L.A. Times, the ban includes:

  • Beer and malt liquor in containers smaller than 40 ounces
  • Certain types of fortified wine and malt liquor sold individually instead of in factory packaging
  • Malt liquor with a high amount of alcohol
  • Hard liquor in small bottles

Reaction in San Bernardino is mixed.

"I think it's very good. It keeps the pollution down. You don't have to worry about running over beer bottles, and just walking around with your kids you see beer bottles laying all over the streets, so it's very good to have," said Toby Wilson, a Construction Worker.

"I think it's not right. What? You can't even drink one beer, you have to drink a whole 12-pack now. People are gonna get more drunk," thinks Carlos Simon, a Highland Resident.

For now the new law applies to just liquor stores and not restaurants or bars.

"People don't realize what alcohol does to them or what they're lives can be like or how much they're hurting, especially with drugs too," said Ray Rivas, a San Bernardino Resident.

"I believe that alcohol is a drug, and people that can't handle it shouldn't be drinking," according to Sarah Ocerda, a San Bernardino Resident

City Hall now has to tell vendors they've passed the new law.

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