Math Isn't a Problem for 6-Year-Old

The bigger the problem, the better for this young math prodigy

Math can be intimidating for students of all ages, but 6-year-old Jared Holgado is already a math wizard.

He can tackle complicated math problems and even quadratic equations. Quadratic equations are normally taught around ninth grade as part of honors algebra.

Jared said he likes the usual stuff about first grade, like running around and basketballs, but he really likes numbers. His mom said Jared is shy and modest.

His teacher, Dan Steinberg said Jared is one of the brightest kids he has ever taught. Steinberg never imagined having a student so young.

Steinberg gets Jared ready for math by playing chess. Steinberg then uses a technique called “From Zero to Calculus” that promises to help kids excel in a subject that could prepared them for high tech and high paying jobs in the future.

It is still kind of wild to imagine such a young mind handling such difficult equations. Problems that were definitely problematic for many teenagers, including this writer.

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