Smile for the Camera Speeders

California drivers may soon face speed cameras.

Say cheese.

In an effort designed to bolster the state budget with speeding fines, California drivers who race through intersections might soon be caught on camera.

The cameras in question already exist, but right now they’re being used to nab red light runners. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to retrofit those lights with a system to also snap the license plates of speeders.

Fines for speeding would range from $225 to $325.

If drivers run a red light and speed through the intersection they would be in double trouble and hit with fines for both violations.

The state would collect 85 percent of the money, using the projected $338 million to help pay for courts and court security as it scrapes for money to close a $20 billion deficit.

The state estimates each of the 500 cameras would catch 4,800 speeders annually -- 2.4 million tickets a year statewide.

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