Sneak Peek: Disneyland's New Rivers of America

The watery destination is shuttering for a time, but here's what's to come.

If you've ever waited for a friend or kid to finish riding Space Mountain or the Matterhorn, you know that their immediate summary of their experience can come in a jangle of excited words and pronouncements and some waving of hands, too.

That's a bit analogous to what's happening at Disneyland as 2016 revs up. A waterfall of information has flown from the Anaheim destination in recent months, from the introduction of "Seasons of the Force" -- the "Star Wars"-y to-dos around Tomorrowland -- to the coming of a permanent "Star Wars" Land down the road.

It's a major change that's inspiring other shifts around the park, most notably some temporary closures around the Rivers of America and some permanent ones, like Big Thunder Barbecue and the adjacent ranch.

But, like a breathlessly talkative rider fresh of the Matterhorn, there's lots more to tell: The Happiest Place on Earth just released an early rendering of what the new Rivers of America will look like on Monday, Jan. 11. The timing is key here, as that's the very day the attraction is shuttering, for a time, as "Star Wars" Land construction begins.

Well played, Disneyland. And we weren't just throwing the word "waterfall" around before: There are new waterfall elements to look forward to when the Rivers of America updates are eventually unveiled, date TBD.

The Disneyland Railroad appears to pass over water, too, in the rendering, which is something quite new (and, nope, we're not counting the fact that the train has technically passed over the water inside Splash Mountain for decades).


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It's a time of change, no doubt, but then again Walt Disney's creed was that his park "would never be completed." Still, when favorites close around the world's most famous theme park, it does stoke a Fantasmic-sized fervor to get glimpses of what's to come down the road.

Or perhaps "down the tracks" is more apt here, or "down river." The rendering reveals that future riders of the train, the Mark Twain Riverboat, and the Sailing Ship Columbia will all likely get an eyeful of the new watery features along the historic, decades-along Rivers of America.

Who knew that new waterfalls would be forming in Anaheim, and so remarkably fast, too, as waterfall formation goes?

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