So Cal Corgi Beach Day to Romp Again

Own a slicker for your lil' pal? She may need it at the Huntington Beach romp.

It's probably not all that common for a Southern Californian dog to own a bright yellow rain slicker.

We're not Seattle, after all, and purchasing goods for our pup that ward off the damp isn't all that necessary when the sun holds sway for most of our days.

That may change on Saturday, April 9 when a calvalcade of corgi goodness will take to Huntington Dog Beach for Spring Beach Day 2016. Light rain is in the forecast, but that isn't dampening the enthusiams of the corgi aficionados who call the region home.

Call it Spring Break, corgi-style (the event invite suggests that attending dogs don their "corg-kinis"). And call it a squee-easy way to take a lot of snapshots of a lot of social media-ready playtimes.

How will you not post about 500 photos after seeing hundreds of corgis romping in the surf? Science would surely claim that it would be an impossibility not to do so.

It isn't all surf-romping and (fingers crossed) rain-avoiding, though; there are several happenings on the roster, from a talent contest to a limbo showdown to an Instagram kissing booth.

Oh yes, and there is a corg-kini contest, too, as well as a run for best "momo" (the beloved word for a corgi's furry posterior, the end of the corgi that's often compared to a loaf of bread in size and shape). (Update: Of course, "momo" means "peach" in Japanese, so if your sweet one's backside looks more fruit-luscious to your eyes, then that observation is 100% peachy.)

The highlight of the day for the four-footed attendees may be when the bacon-flavored bubbles are released.

Does that deserve a re-typing, complete with periods for emphasis? Why indeed it does: Bacon. Flavored. Bubbles.

It's free to attend. Hours are 10 to 3 o'clock.

But will your sweet loaf of walking bread need a slicker? Should a few showers come our way? That could also be a cute, photo-snappable look, too.

For all the info, and the chance to meet dozens of other corgi mavens, follow the happy woofing this way.

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