SoCal Church Not Preaching to Asiana Flight Students

Some of the parents of the Chinese students aboard the Asiana plane that crash landed in San Francisco reportedly did not know the camp their children were to attend was going to be held at a Christian church.

Southern California was the ultimate destination for the Chinese students aboard the Asian Airlines jet that crashed at San Francisco International Airport Saturday.

They were going to attend a summer camp hosted by West Valley Christian Church and School in West Hills.

Amidst reports that some of the children’s parents in tightly controlled Communist China didn’t know the summer camp would be held at a Christian church, West Valley administrators explained they had no plans to evangelize to the students.

“I think there could have been a perception of, you know they were going to be staying in all church homes and being at a bible camp and that's not true,” said Derek Swales, West Valley Christian Church and School administrator.

Chinese authorities say they will review future student trips and that could jeopardize two camps scheduled at the church later this summer.

The church will hold a vigil Thursday for Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia the two 16 year-old students who died in the crash.

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