Southern California

SoCal Family on Vacation in Mexico Comes Under Deadly Gunfire

A Southern California family on vacation in Mexico came under heavy gunfire by a group of armed men as they left a water park, leaving one of them dead and three others wounded, family members said.

Two teenage brothers, who are graduates of Channel Islands High School in Oxnard, their father and uncle were driving from the park in Michoacan on July 31 when gunmen in another vehicle pulled up in front of them and opened fire, family members said.

Graphic photos published by Mexican newspaper Quadratin showed the SUV riddled with bullet holes and the family inside slumping and covered in blood.

The uncle did not survive.

Both brothers suffered wounds to the head and body, and the father was struck multiple times. All three were taken to a San Diego hospital.

One of the brothers, 18-year-old Bruno Ramos, was in stable condition after arriving in a coma, family members said.

His older brother, 19-year-old Jesus Ramos, and their father, Ignacio Ramos, were treated and released.

Family members believe they were attacked by members of a drug cartel.

"We think there was some confusion," said the teens' cousin, Sonya Martinez Lazarraga, in Spanish. "They were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

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