It's All Over: Driver Taken Down by K-9 Officer After Wild Pursuit

After a wild hourslong pursuit that involved multiple PIT maneuvers and a crash with an innocent driver, the man behind the wheel was taken down by a K-9 officer Thursday evening after the dog launched through the window.

The driver was taken into custody on the southbound 405 Freeway, just south of the 105, bringing traffic to a halt in the Hawthorne area. 

Authorities began pursuing the suspected stolen sedan around 7 p.m. in Chino Hills as the driver evaded three PIT maneuvers, hit another innocent driver's car, and managed to escape while heading west on freeways across Southern California. 

The driver, traveling at speeds of 80 mph at one point, was wearing a black hoodie as he drove on the 210 Freeway, heading onto the 134 Freeway and into the Burbank area. 

The driver at one point appeared to be removing clothes, and even tried to leap from the driver's seat. 

The California Highway Patrol took control of the pursuit as the driver continued west on 134 Freeway. 

Authorities also attempted as many as three PIT maneuvers to get the driver to stop, but he kept going. 

The driver also smashed into another driver's car, and as CHP closed in to pin the sedan, he took off. The driver flipped the car around twice to continue driving south on the 405 Freeway. 

It was on the southbound 405 Freeway near Rosecrans Avenue where CHP attempted another PIT maneuver, and caused the driver to spin out. Once the driver fully stopped, he went to the back seat of the stolen vehicle to smoke crystal meth.

After refusing to listen to officers' commands, police shot at his windows with bean bags and released K-9 officer Tezz. The dog launched through the window and took the driver down.

The driver tried to choke the dog with his collar before he was apprehended. After frisking him, police found that he was wearing an ankle monitor

He was then taken into custody and is facing multiple felonies, including evading police and assault on a peace officer. 

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