Wild Compton Pursuit Ends in Casino Parking Lot

After a woman led deputies on a wild pursuit in a gold pickup, ramming a sheriff's vehicle at one point, she was taken into custody in a casino parking lot after authorities blocked her in Wednesday night.

Deputies began pursuing the gold pickup with a camper attached in the Compton area Wednesday after the driver was suspected in a carjacking, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

The chase began at 8 p.m. when deputies began pursuing the driver in the Compton area.

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The truck was at one point blocked in by cars and backed into a sheriff's cruiser to escape.

The truck continued on, rolling over spike strips, and appeared to throw something out of the window. Sparks flew off the rear wheel as the wheel well grinded against the pavement.

The chase came to an end in the parking lot of the The Bicycle Hotel and Casino in Bell Gardens as scores of deputies took her into custody.

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