Los Angeles

Police Pursuit of Vehicle in Azusa Ends With Man in a Tree

A police pursuit of a vehicle in the Azusa area Monday concluded with a man in a tree.

Gil Leyvas and Newschopper4 Bravo were over the chase at approximately 3:30 p.m., as the man was driving erratically and even going onto the opposite side of the street.

At one point, the vehicle stopped and a passenger jumped out of the vehicle, before the sedan sped away.

A short time later, the driver stopped the vehicle and took off on foot. At that stage, the police helicopters had pulled off the pursuit. The man continued to run around a residential neighborhood for a while before disappearing under a tree.

A short time later, police arrived at the tree at the intersection of Payson Street and Rockvale Avenue and determined that the man was hiding in the tree.

An hourslong standoff eventually ended with the police taking the man into custody.

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