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Pursuit Involving Pickup Truck and German Shepherd Ends After Authorities Pit Maneuvered Vehicle

The driver, who had a German Shepherd in the vehicle's passenger seat, prompted the hours-long pursuit after he failed to pull over for police.

An hourslong pursuit came to an end early Saturday after police used a PIT maneuver to halt a vehicle wanted for reckless driving in the San Fernando Valley.

The pursuit involving a pickup truck with a German Shepherd in the passenger seat began at approximately 10:15 p.m. when the driver refused to pull over in San Fernando. Police were able to stop the vehicle by 12:10 a.m. in Sylmar.

The driver jumped on and off several freeways, including the I-405, I-5, I-118 and I-210, circling the San Fernando Valley. Initially begun in surface streets, the driver made several close calls and nearly hit pedestrians as he ran numerous red lights.

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Unusual for pursuits, the driver did not exceed high speeds and drove at 75 mph during his highest speed.

The San Fernando Police Department chased the vehicles for two hours, calling for backup from California Highway Patrol and contacting Animal Care and Control officials of the pursuit for the dog's well-being.

Shortly after authorities halted the vehicle, the driver was arrested near Tyler Street and Foothill Boulevard as the frightened dog circled police activity surrounding his owner. The driver resisted, prompting police to tackle the man in order to make an arrest.

Animal Care and Control are expected to watch after the dog, who was unharmed.

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