Police pursuit

Police Chase Suspected DUI Driver Speeding in Black Car

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Police were in pursuit of a suspected DUI driver in a black car, as the driver sped through East Los Angeles, South Pasadena, Pasadena, Glendale and close to Dodger Stadium Wednesday night.

Newschopper4 Bravo was over the chase around 8:30 p.m.

The driver was wanted for reckless driving and suspected of driving under the influence, according to the East LA Sheriff's Station.

Newschopper4 Bravo observed the driver hitting speeds as high as 115 mph on Southern California freeways.

On surface streets, the driver ignored signals and speed limits, even using the center divider to pass by traffic stopped at a red light.

Around 8:40 p.m., the driver got on the 210 Freeway and was traveling 110 mph. The car ended up on the 134 Freeway before exiting in Glendale. The driver hit speeds of around 115 mph and traveled near Dodger Stadium, around 8:50 p.m.

Due to flight restrictions around Dodger Stadium, Newschopper4 Bravo was unable to follow the driver and lost sight of the vehicle. It was not immediately clear if police were able to track down the driver or if the pursuit continued.

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