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SF Valley Police Chase of Murder Suspect Ends in Carjacking, Crash

A police pursuit of a murder suspect in the San Fernando Valley area Monday night featured a carjacking, a foot pursuit and a crash into a police vehicle.

The suspect in the chase, which started in North Hollywood, was identified as a murder suspect by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Eliana Moreno and Newschopper4 Alpha were over the pursuit at approximately 7:30 p.m.

The pursuit suspect drove at high speeds, often on the wrong side of the street, and narrowly missed colliding with several vehicles as he paid little attention to signal lights and traffic rules.

At one point, the driver even struck trash bins that were sitting in the street.

Eventually, the vehicle came to a hard stop, and a passenger ran out of the back seat of the pursuit vehicle. The driver, however, got out of the vehicle momentarily before jumping right back in and driving off at high speeds on surface streets.

At approximately 8 p.m., the pursuit vehicle came to a hard stop at the entrance to Whitsett Sports Field in North Hollywood.

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The murder suspect proceeded to run away from the police on foot. Eventually, the pursuit suspect crossed over a bridge over the 170 Freeway and ended up in a parking lot.

There, the murder suspect carjacked another vehicle and attempted to drive away from the scene. The attempt did not go far, and the carjacked vehicle's path was blocked by police vehicles, and a the murder suspect crashed into a police cruiser.

North Hollywood Police surrounded the carjacked vehicle with guns drawn, and the murder suspect surrender shortly after without further incident.

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