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Police Pursuit of GMC Van Ends in Watts Area

Police were pursuing a GMC van on the 110 Freeway southbound out of the downtown LA area Sunday evening before taking a suspect into custody peacefully in the Watts area.

Gil Leyvas and Newschopper4 were over the van at approximately 6:30 p.m. as the vehicle had exited on Manchester Boulevard and traveled on surface streets.

Eventually, the driver stopped on East 104th Street near Grandee Avenue in the Watts area and parked his vehicle.

A group of people came out onto the street and appeared to be approaching the vehicle, while police had guns drawn. The group of people could be seen yelling at officers and recording the end of the pursuit on their phones.

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A shirtless man eventually exited the vehicle from the passenger's side and gave up peacefully. While he was on the ground, the group of people on the street entered the line of fire dangerously and observed officers take the man into custody and clear the vehicle.

Officers initiated the stop because the driver was suspected of driving under the influence, according to Los Angeles Police Department Media Relations.

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