Southern California

Officers Pin Damaged Car to Stop a Frantic Hollywood Pursuit

A pursuit that involved several crashes came to an end Thursday when officers in a patrol SUV slammed into the damaged car in Hollywood, pinning it against a parked vehicle.

The hit-and-run suspect was on the 101 Freeway before exiting onto streets in Hollywood. That's when officers tried unsuccessfully to spin the car, possibly a Prius, several times.

With a rear bumper panel dangling from the car, the driver was speeding on narrow city streets. As the driver made a left turn, he slammed into a parked vehicle and an officer used a patrol SUV to pin the car.

The highly animated man in sunglasses, who appeared to be vaping as he climbed out of the car, was eventually taken into custody.

Details about the hit-and-run case were not immediately available.

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