Video: Pursuit Ends With K-9 Takedown in Corona

A K-9 officer in the Corona Police Department provided the assist on Tuesday night after a suspect failed to comply following a pursuit.

On Tuesday night, a pursuit ended with a canine member of the Corona Police Department physically convincing an uncooperative suspect.

The Corona Police Department origianlly received a call reporting a domestic violence incident in progress, according to Corona PD. The call reported that the suspect, 35-year-old Miguel Angel Romero, had dragged his girlfriend by the hair into a car and was now driving in a car.

Authorities tracked down the vehicle with both Romero and his girlfriend inside, but Romero ignored the officers' request to stop. Instead, the suspect proceeded to speed up to 120 mph during the ensuing pursuit, per the Corona PD.

The suspect led law enforcement on a chase from Corona to Lake Elsinore, Norco and ultimately concluded back in Norco.

At that stage, the shirtless suspect jumped out of a moving vehicle and ended up at the front door of a residence. Corona PD officers approached the suspect with guns drawn but displayed restraint, as the suspect pounded on the front door of the residence.

Luckily for the residents in the home, the door was locked and they did not answer the loud late night banging. The suspect continued to pound on the door and failed to follow officers' instructions.

Eventually, the Corona Police Department unleashed a canine, and the suspect immediately surrendered after the four-legged member of the Corona PD sunk his teeth into the suspect's arm.

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Romero was transported to Corona Regional Hospital for treatment prior to being booked for kidnapping, domestic battery and felony evading.

Officers also found the girlfriend inside the vehicle and reported that she was unharmed. Also, no weapon was found at the scene.

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