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Woman in Maxi Dress Emerges From Car in Stolen Sedan Chase in West LA

A woman in a flowing maxi dress emerged from a white sedan after officers rammed the vehicle to end the stolen car chase Friday.

The car, a white Honda Accord, was first spotted on the 405 Freeway in the Burbank area. 

While the driver wasn't moving very fast, occasionally the car would weave in and out of traffic as black and white LAPD vehicles followed behind, with a police helicopter overheard. 

Before 2 p.m., the driver exited the southbound 405 Freeway near Sunset Boulevard. 

After continuing the chase on streets in the West Los Angeles area, officers managed to perform a PIT maneuver, causing the Accord to spin out.

No other cars were hit.

While officers initially said they were pursuing a man behind the wheel, a woman in a tan maxi dress emerged from the sedan with her arms up.

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She was detained by officers in the 10800 block of Pico Boulevard, near Westside Pavilion. 

It wasn't immediately clear what charges she may face. 

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