SoCal Savory: The McRib Is Back

The McDonald's icon makes a return following a two-year hiatus.


The autumntime of the year can bestow many interesting things upon Southern California.

Our major theme parks typically don their Halloween finery during the fall, and then, a week or so after the eerie occasion wraps, their holiday decorations. The Santa Ana winds make a showing, and, if we're lucky, we may even spy the lone tree going red or yellow, a seasonal reminder of the most traditional sort.

And, maybe, just possibly, the McRib will make a surprise comeback in the autumn, if only for a limited time.

The McDonald's pork product, sauce-spicy sandwich has become something of a meal-based myth, a foodstuff that sometimes briefly appears on the menu of the fast food chain before disappearing for a year or more.

It's a treat that tends to return in the fall, and it shall again, after a two-year stay-away, over Thanksgiving Week, with no less than a full-on Southern California tour with Dr. Pepper as its partner.

The "Pork & Pepper Comeback Tour" launches at the Anaheim Convention Center on Tuesday, Nov. 22. A stop at the Honda Center follows on Wednesday, Nov. 23, and then a Friday, Nov. 25 Hollywood Palladium date rounds out the trio of dates.

Should you choose to follow a few steps on the tour site (making a badge is one), you could claim some swag at a tour spot.

Can't make any of those stops but want to find a McRib at a local McDonald's before the elusive edible bids adieu for another year or two? Why there's an app for that: the McDonald's McRib Finder. 

Nov. 21, 2016 is the official launch day for the McRib around Southern California, so your sandwich-finding instincts should be well-sharpened and ready to located the sauce-laden, bread-chewy icon.

An icon that's inspired fan paeans, memes, and t-shirts, a pop culture legacy few fast food items can claim, especially those that only make occasional menu cameos. 

Will this latest appearance create more McRibiana, those artworks and homages that pay homage to the zesty here-today-gone-eventually (but-returning-later-down-the-road) favorite?

The past reveals that the pork product sandwich has a way of owning the spotlight when it returns to view.

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