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SoCal Weather Will Be Much Calmer for Rams Parade

According to NBC4 meteorologist Belen De Leon, Wednesday's weather in Los Angeles will be "bright and sunny for the victory parade."

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Don't worry, Southern California: during the Rams Parade, the weather will not be nearly as weird as it was Tuesday evening.

After days of extreme heat for this time of year, SoCal took a sudden, sharp turn towards winter on Tuesday.

Oak Park, Santa Monica and Upland all got pounded with hail. In Pasadena, enough hail fell near the Rose Bowl Stadium that it looked a little like snowfall.

Hail and snow hit SoCal after days of heat. Lightning warnings also shut down LA County beaches.

Meanwhile, Victorville and other areas in the San Bernardino mountains saw actual snowfall, up to 8.5" in some places.

The sudden snow took some drivers by surprise. On Highway 173, near Lake Arrowhead, drivers were caught off-guard by the cold conditions, and forced to abandon their cars on the road.

One school bus was among the vehicles that got stuck after it slid off the road. The students on board were stranded when the bus couldn't move, forcing parents to go pick up their children from the side of the highway.

One school bus slid off the road, leaving the students inside stranded until their parents could come pick them up. Video aired during Today in LA on Feb. 16, 2022.

Wednesday morning saw cold temperatures continue, and Caltrans warned anyone driving on Highway 18 through the San Bernardino mountains to use snow chains.

But fear not: according to NBC4 meteorologist Belen De Leon, Wednesday's weather in Los Angeles will be "bright and sunny for the victory parade."

Click here for more info about the Rams' victory parade, and an 11 a.m. livestream.

Attendees might want to bundle up for the significantly cooler weather. At 5 a.m., temperatures in Los Angeles were in the high 40s. By the time of the parade, the sun will warm things up to the mid-60s, but with the sharp decrease in temperature from the highs seen on Sunday during the Super Bowl, it's worth bringing a sweater along.

Winds will stay at a light, breezy pace during the parade and into the evening, but by early Thursday morning, wind speeds will increase to between 20 and 30 mph, and gusts will pick back up again to speeds between 50 and 60 mph.

There's already a wind advisory in place for the Inland Empire, Orange County, the San Fernando Valley and the Ventura County valleys, beginning at midnight Thursday morning and continuing until 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon. There may be dust, tree damage and the possibility of power outages as gusts blow through the region.

The winds will also pick the temperature back up into the 70s through the end of the week.

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