Some Westsiders Not Worried About Carmageddon

A large crowd gathered in Culver City Thursday night to celebrate what they saw as a rare gift: an order to actually stay home for the weekend.

For everything you need to know during the 405 closure, visit the Carmageddon Toolkit.

As a live band played and people danced under the setting sun, concern about the 405 closure and the impending gridlock was hard to find.

Even some local business are fostering this festive mood by telling workers they can go home early Friday to beat what's likely to be a rush hour to remember, as people try to get home before the freeway shuts down.

And while it's likely that more than a few people out there are dreading the weekend closure, many others are trying to keep an open mind.

"I was on the 405 this morning, and I thought maybe everyone's on the 405 today to get it out of their system, so everything will be nice and calm tomorrow," said Brenda Penny-Gainer.

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