Smiles at the End of Culver City’s Rainbow

Sony Studios and Culver City commission a 94-foot tall rainbow as a public art project that is a permanent fixture on the Sony lot

Rain or shine, the Normal 0 Culver City skyline will always have its 94-foot tall, 100,000-pound rainbow.

It’s part of the city's arts program, called 1 Percent for Arts, commissioned by the city and Sony Studios. The work was unveiled Oct. 1.

“I think ‘Rainbow’ will put a smile on the faces of anyone visiting Culver City,” said Mayor Andrew Weissman.

“Rainbow” came from the imagination of multimedia artist Tony Tassett. It pays homage to “The Wizard of Oz,” shot on the same lot where the rainbow now stands.

“I wanted something very open, understandable, iconic and clear,” Tasset said.

The rainbow’s arc spans 188 feet across. It’s 8-feet thick and located just beyond the Madison Street entrance to Sony’s lot.

It was constructed off-site and then shipped in 40-foot sections in early September.

The project began development in June 2011. Funding for the project was generated in part by Sony’s Art in Public Places Program requirement.

Sony's arts program started in 1988 and aims to enrich the quality of life of residents, raise property values and spur economic development. So far, about 90 pieces have been commissioned from this program, including two green-certified office buildings, a parking structure and a park, according to Sony representative Jason Allen.

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