No Need to Fear SOS Written in Sky Above SoCal

Witnesses say they saw the message in Los Angeles and Orange counties

A repeating SOS message scrawled in the sky above Los Angeles appears to be connected to an amusement park promotion, not a distressed aircraft.

Dozens of curious -- and some concerned -- Angelenos contacted NBC4 Saturday afternoon about the message, typically an international distress signal.

But in this case, SOS stood for “Summer of Survival," Universal Studios’ promotion of their Transformers The Ride – 3D and King Kong 360 | 3D attractions.

Marybeth Poulton spotted the disconcerting message above Hollywood United Methodist Church near Franklin and Highland avenues, pictured below.

Universal Studios, which is owned by NBC4’s parent company, has branded the hashtag #SOS and #SummerOfSurvival across their Twitter feed and homepage.

Universal Studios tweeted a photo of the sky writing earlier Saturday with a link to the themepark's Summer of Survival sweepstakes:

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