Sour Economy in SoCal

Are President Obama's economic policies to blame?

With unemployment hanging so high, more and more Democrats are becoming more critical of their elected leaders, and elected Democrats becoming more critical of the President.

In Inglewood, Otis Newsome needs to go back to work, but work is hard to find.

"When you go there, they're not hiring," he says.

And he expects more from his elected leaders.

"I don't think they doing enough."

Newsome does not begrudge President Obama a vacation, but even as the first family was arriving on Martha's Vinyard for a 10-day stay, a new Gallup poll finds that only 26% of Americans approve of President Obama's handling of the economy.

Now some members of the Congressional Black Caucus, are beginning to challenge the president on the economy.

"We don't know what strategy is," asks Rep. Maxine Waters, D-South LA.

Waters noted that the impact is felt even more in minority communities. Unemployment among African Americans measured at 16%, and as high as 40% for those out of work longer.

"The president is going to have to fight, and he's going to have to fight hard," says Waters.

Waters is one of three members of congress from the Southland who have agreed to appear Saturday at a jobs summit at Inglewood high school, organized by Good Jobs LA.

"I think they understand that there's a lot of anger out there, and I think that in many ways they agree that we need to do something about it, and we need to do something about it right now," according to Refugio Mata, of Good Jobs LA.

Saturday's event will start at 10 AM, and the organizers are expecting more than a thousand people to attend.

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