Caught on Camera: Hit-and-Run Driver Slams Into Parked Vehicles

The driver left behind a trail of damaged vehicles on a South Los Angeles street near the USC campus

Witnesses chased down a driver who crashed into parked vehicles Tuesday on a South Los Angeles street before police took him into custody.

"Trying to run into people, crashing into cars, just going wild," said 41st Drive resident Lorena Rosales of  the SUV driver, identified by police as Edward McKnight, 31.  Authorities believe he was in a state of marijuana intoxication.

The SUV first rear-ended a Honda Minivan, then struck a Toyoya truck, and also knocked over numerous trash barrels and scattered debris in the neighborhood south of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and University of Southern California campus.  The SUV finally crashed to a halt a block away at 41st Place near Figueroa Street.

During the rampage one neighbor suffered a broken leg, according to LAPD Sgt. Jeremy Duncan. There were initial reports that two children had been hurt, but neither required hospitalization. 

First on scene was an LAPD Captain who was nearby in an unmarked unit when the initial radio call when out.  When he responded he spotted an SUV matching the description, and observed a group of neighbors chasing after it on foot, Duncan said.

One witness told NBC4 the driver appeared to try to run him down before striking his work truck. One home's security camera video showed the silver sport utility vehicle slide into the truck.

"As soon as I parked, he came toward me, tried to run me over and hit my truck," said Antonio Martinez.

The SUV driver backed up, made an awkward three-point turn, then doubled-back down 41st Drive, striking more trash barrels before running into a fence and pole in a construction area on 41st Place.  Neighbors cornered McKnight, but took no action against him other than to keep  him from leaving until uniformed officers arrived to arrest him, police and neighbors said. 

A drug recognition expert determined McKnight was under the influence of marijuana, Duncan said. McKnight faces charges of felony DUI and felony hit and run.  He was taken to Southwest station, but before he was booked, he complained of chest pains and was taken to a hospital to be examined.

Shortly after the rampage ended, the registered owner of the SUV arrived by foot at the location and told police her boyfriend had taken it earlier in the morning from her home several blocks away. Later she was transported to a hospital after expressing concern she had miscarried.

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