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Employees Wanted: Jobs Growth in South LA

Sixth straight year area has seen jobs number rise



    South LA saw more than 3,700 jobs added to its area last year. Councilman Bernard Parks shares his thoughts what has caused the steady increase in employment. Here's NBC4's Antonio Castelan (Published Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013)

    Job growth in South Los Angeles has spiked during a stagnant economy, according to a report by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

    More than 3,700 jobs were added in the South LA area last year. Eighth District Councilman Bernard Parks credits a lot of the success to not only bringing businesses in, but also helping existing ones. 
    “My district has put a lot of time and emphasis on attracting businesses, as well as assisting businesses,” Parks said.
    Parks' district is the only one in LA to see a steady increase in job numbers. But not all businesses in South LA are feeling the positive economy yet.
    Restaurant owner Marlene Sinclair told NBC4 she’s still not able to add jobs to her payroll, and sometimes it’s hard to find good employees.
    “It’s never stable. You may get people in, but they don’t last too long. I do a lot of the work myself,” said Sinclair.
    Despite her slow business outlook, Sinclair is hopeful the recent influx of jobs will better her situation.

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