Speartastic Celebration Ahead in Stockton

Oh hello, spring: The San Joaquin Asparagus Festival is one of the dippiest, most delicious signs of the season.

SO MANY RECIPES... kindly suggest so many whimsical and interesting ways to serve asparagus. There are the ones involving farfalle or cavatappi or other small-ish pasta pieces, of course, and chopping up a bunch of 'gus to gussy-up a lemony cream sauce is typically just the ticket. Salads, too, regularly benefit by the inclusion of asparagus, after the spears have been slivered, or just the tips have been added, and then a whole bunch of asparagus-complementing toppers, too. (Croutons, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, we're looking at you.) But what if you love asparagus so, so much that it never makes it into the pasta or salad bowl? What if you just stand and eat it directly off the pan, a minute after it emerges from the oven? Then the...

SAN JOAQUIN ASPARAGUS FESTIVAL... was made for you, spear-obsessed person, and all lovers of spring vegetables who dig a multi-day, carnival-cute food festival that is family-fun'd-out but full of foodie opps, too. It's returning to Stockton from April 12 through 14, 2019, with loads of to-dos of the asparagus and non-asparagus variety. In the "non" column? Rides, a Kids Zone, a place to coo over animals, and such. In the asparagus column? Head for Asparagus Alley, where loads of dishes made with everyone's favorite long and green goodie will be available. (Indeed, the always-popular deep-fried asparagus will be sold there, plus the picture-worthy asparagus ice cream.)

DO YOU EAT... asparagus straight from the pan? We won't 'gus you out: It's really good, and easy to do, and not sharing your line-up of spears is a forgivable act. But act soon, or at least by mid-April, if you want to go to this bright-of-flavor, dippably delicious celebration in Stockton.

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