Kids Can Whale-Watch for Free During December

It's no fluke: The Dana Wharf Sportsfishing & Whale Watching deal will last all month long.

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What to Know

  • Dana Wharf Sportsfishing & Whale Watching
  • Dana Point Harbor
  • Two kids ages 12 and under can join a whale-watching trip for free throughout December 2019

Having a whale of a time?

That enjoyable pursuit can be done anywhere, from your den to a friend's backyard to the library, if you've found an especially thrilling book. For "a whale of a time" simply means a good and memorable moment, one you'll recall fondly.

But to experience a whale of time while actually among whales, or at least while visiting a neighborhood that's known to have some mega mammalian visitors, is, well, double-whale-rrific.

To up your whale-y wonder, you only need board a whale-watching expedition. Southern California is home to many, and when December arrives, the boats are in full, let's-find-a-whale mode.

For that's when grey whale season officially kicks off along our coast, thanks to the migratory schedule of these gentle, blowhole-blessed giants. And if you've been thinking you'd like some whale-person interaction, take note: Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching has quite a whale of a deal on during December 2019.

It's no fluke: Kids 12 and under can join a whale adventure for free, all month long. The asterisks? This deal covers two tots in your party, and, for sure, there needs to be a paid adult in that same party, too.


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Dana Point is billed as the "Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World," and while whale sightings are never guaranteed, enjoying a brisk and bracing day out on the waves is quite zingy, and good for anecdote-building, if you'd like to have a few new family stories to share this holiday season.

For all the prices and dates, visit the adventure company now. And if your twelfth month is terrifically busy, and you just can't make this whale of a deal, be not blue, er, grey: Grey whale season will swim right through to the end of April.

And while this deal will end with the end of the year, you can find four more months of mammal-tastic good times out on the open water, as trips with Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching will continue throughout the season.

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