Bobcat Treated for Injuries After Being Found Under Car

The bobcat seemed more alert and "spunky" at the animal clinic

A young bobcat was treated for injuries and released back into the wild Sunday after a driver reported "hitting a tiger" in Riverside County.

A driver called authorities about 2 a.m., telling them he had struck what he thought was a tiger on La Sierra Avenue near Victoria Avenue in Riverside (map).

When officers arrived, they found the bobcat apparently dazed and hiding underneath the man's car.

The 8-month-old male bobcat was taken to an animal clinic for observation. It had abrasions to its head and body, but all limbs were OK.

After a few hours, the bobcat seemed much more alert and "spunky," the Riverside County Department of Animal Services said.

Officers released it into the wilderness a few miles from where it was found.

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