Staying Safe at Cruising Altitude

Personal space on commercial airplanes seems to get tighter and tighter. As airlines hike their fees for checked baggage, more people chose to carry on their belongings – sometimes making even a wide body feel like a sardine tin.

But just because you’re in close quarters doesn’t mean you can let your valuables out of your sight. Just how do you keep your belongings safe at 30,000 feet? Here are a few tips:

  • If you put cash or other valuables in your carry on, bury them deep inside the bag – not in an outer pocket. Better yet – put them in a smaller bag inside the carry on that you can remove and keep with you.
  • Which brings us to – don’t leave any valuable unattended. Keep that smaller bag with you – especially when you take a trip down the aisle to the lavatory.
  • Once you’ve cleared security and the x-ray machines, lock your carry ons. It may mean you can’t get in as fast – but neither can thieves.
  • On board the flight, place your carry on in the overhead compartment across from your seat – not over your seat. That way, you can see anyone who might try to get at it.
  • And when you stow that carry on bag, turn it upside down so the zippers aren’t easily accessible to someone reaching into the bin.

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