Stingray Warning Issued Ahead of Holiday Weekend

Lifeguards are warning swimmers to be cautious and do the "stingray shuffle"

With large crowds expected at Southern California beaches this holiday weekend, lifeguards are warning swimmers to be cautious of the presence of stingrays along the shore.

Lifeguards at Bolsa Chica said they have logged five times more injuries from rays this August over a year ago, and they’re not sure what’s caused the spike.

According to experts, stingrays hover just above the sand and usually strike when threatened. The amount of venom they spray from their barb can vary.

For those who are injured, lifeguards are ready with buckets of hot water, which is used to dilute the venom. Officials said the initial recovery takes about an hour.

Lifeguards suggest that swimmers do the “stingray shuffle” as they enter the water: shuffling your feet - not stomping - to make your presence known.

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