OC Puppy Reunited With Owner

Dog stolen from outside Garden Grove apartment

A stolen puppy was reunited with an overjoyed owner after a heart-breaking puppy napping.

Trucker, a 9-week-old English bulldog, was reported missing on May 1. The dog was a gift to help the owner grieve the unexpected loss of his 27-year-old brother in Arizona.

"The victim was working in one of the apartments and left the puppy unattended in a portable metal crate, in an open garage. Within 30 minutes, the kennel door was found open and 'Trucker' was gone," police said in a statement.

Garden Grove authorities traced the missing puppy to a person of interest that was in the area on the date the puppy was stolen. It was learned the puppy was sold to an innocent purchaser for $200 at a swap meet in La Mirada. “Trucker” had been living with the new family in Imperial Beach (San Diego) for the past two weeks.

Trucker’s owner was to hold a press conference asking for the public’s help in attempting to locate him. However just hours before, Trucker was located in good health and given back to the owner during the press conference. He was shocked, overjoyed and grateful that “Trucker” was home.

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