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Where's Beef? Missing English Bulldog Spotted With Homeless Man, But Cops Can't Do Anything

A woman recorded a video of her neighbor's missing dog Beef with a homeless man, but police can't do much to help.

A man says his English bulldog named Beef was stolen from his backyard in Koreatown weeks ago, and never seen again — until a neighbor spotted a similar-looking dog with a homeless man and began recording. 

Two weeks prior, Doug Kim said Beef, his beloved English bulldog, was in his backyard. Then the dog was stolen. 

Kim said he began spreading the word any way he could, posting on the Nextdoor app, putting in a Craigslist ad — anything to get his 5-year-old dog back. 

"Putting out the posters, fliers, talking to neighbor," Kim said.

As he checked in on the online posts, some neighbors said they recognized a man from homeless encampments in the area with a similar looking dog.

Then, Kim's friend actually spotted the man and the dog near the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood. She began recording. 

"I got news for you — that’s my friend’s stolen dog," she can be heard saying.

Then she said: 

"I already called the cops, dude."

The man responds: "That's fine. It's not the same dog!"

But Kim saw the video, and he knows it's Beef. 

"Yeah, that's Beef," Kim said. "The way he stands, the way he walks, (and) the way he doesn't want to walk."

Kim said the dog has a genetic disorder which makes him walk in a crooked-like fashion, something he said he noticed right away in the video. But despite discovering where his dog Beef was, Kim chose not to identify the man because as of yet, there is no proof that a crime has been committed.

"I don't want to criminalize homeless people or anything like that. I'd just like to get my dog back," said Kim.

While Beef is microchipped, a Los Angeles Police Department officer told Kim unless the homeless man is willing to hand over the pup, there's nothing the police can do. 

LAPD officers don't carry scanners with them to determine if the dog is microchipped, and LA Animal Services said they were never called regarding a missing dog. Kim said he just hopes it is not too late to find Beef and get him back.

The dog was last seen in North Hollywood and Burbank and the man who was said to have his dog appeared to be in his 30s or 40s with thinning hair and a red beard.

For now Beef's owner only has one thing on his mind: "Get him home, as soon as possible."

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