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Orange County Homeless Get Game-Changing Help Via GoFundMe Patrons

Some in Orange County are using GoFundMe to try to make a dent in the homeless population. 

Orange County United Way, as part of its Welcome Home OC program to end homelessness, jumped on board to help 30 families who would otherwise lose their federal housing vouchers at the end of this month.

The GoFundMe campaign started earlier this month. Three weeks later, and they say they have enough money to house 22 families.

They need to make it to 30 before federal housing vouchers expire for the  families at the end of the month.

But if they’re able to do it, that’s where the real change could come, because then they could compete to get an additional 300 vouchers for homeless people in Orange County next year.

"I'm a single mother," Paula, who was homeless, said. "Been homeless for the past 12 years." 

For Paula, reality is settling in: even if the furniture hasn't.

"The people that God put around me to help me and sustain me and to keep me strong," she said. 

The people that sustain and keep her strong are churches, anonymous submissions and others - these are the angels that are giving Paula and hopefully 29 other families a home. 

"I am astounded about the outpouring of love and generosity from the community for the GoFundMe," said Becks Heyhoe of United Way. "If they can get those leased up in time, it unlocks the possibility for us, Orange County, to compete nationally for up to an additional 300 vouchers next year."

For Paula and her special needs daughter, this miracle is much bigger. 

"All the things that have happened for me have been a miracle. All the way up to this time. Everything has been a miracle," she said. 

If you would like to help, here is the link to the GoFundMe account. 

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