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Strong Santa Ana Winds Cause Severe Damage Throughout Southern California

The strong Santa Ana winds have caused sever damage throughout Southern California including knocking over tractor trailers, toppling power poles, and knocking down trees.

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The strong Santa Ana winds have been causing severe damage throughout Southern California and according to the CHP the wind has knocked over at least five tractor trailers, toppled power poles, and knocked over trees.

The wind is so strong at times it's knocking over power poles including ones in San Bernardino on Kendall Drive and knocked out the power at nearby homes and businesses.

"I've been living here for eight years and I promise you that last night was probably the worst that it's been since I've lived here," said Deonte Gilmer, a San Bernardino resident.

A few miles away in the community of Muscoy, Stephanie Valencia explained how the huge eucalyptus tree in front of her San Bernardino home was toppled.

The tree landed right on top of her husband's Honda Accord which he uses everyday for work.

"It's sad," Valencia said. "It's material stuff and it can be replaced but we work hard for our stuff."

The strong wind also quickly spread a fast moving fire overnight that ended up burning through an industrial yard near the I-10 Freeway in Fontana.

The fire gutted a big rig and two cars.

"Even though we had the rains last week as you saw last night with this fire fuels still want to burn," said Eric Sherwin, from the San Bernardino County Fire Department.

The fast moving flames also seriously damaged at least two homes including one that Edgar Rodriguez lives in.

He told NBC4 in Spanish that he and his family were asleep when the fire began burning his roof forcing them to quickly evacuate to safety.

Sadly, they lost nearly everything inside their home.

The driver of a tractor trailer lost control after a gust of wind knocked the semi over the eastbound 210 Freeway near Day Creek Blvd. leaving it teetering precariously on the edge of an overpass.

"The truck flipped right in front of me, it scared the living daylights out of me," said Darren Jenkins, a witness. "I pulled over and called 911 then kicked the window out and got the guy out."

Back in San Bernardino Valencia is taking pictures of her husband's car and she says they only have liability insurance.

She has some advice for others on windy days like this.

"If it's really windy do not park near a tree because this can happen and it's sad, really sad," Valencia said.

CHP officers say the wind has to die before tow trucks can upright the knocked over tractor trailers.

Hopefully the wind will die down soon.

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