OC Student Who Brought Knife to Dance Appeals Suspension

An Orange County high school senior who brought a small knife and over-the-counter medication to a school dance was suspended for five days and forbidden from extracurricular activities until February.

The family of the El Toro High School student, Catelyn Meador, was appealing the decision, which was based on the school district's zero-tolerance policy for weapons.

In an email to NBC4, the Saddleback Unified School District wrote: "Students and parents are informed that weapons are not allowed on school grounds or at school sponsord activities and any student that violates this safety policy is subject to disciplinary consequences."

Catelyn argued that she had the knife on her keychain and had no intention of using it - she merely forgot that she had it. She added that the knife was less than 3 inches and had a dull blade.

Her father said she's an "A" student and has never been in trouble before, and that the punishment is too harsh.

"Just because I happened to have it shouldn't mean I get punished for just forgetting," she said.

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